What the Fashion System Can Learn From Supreme-Style Product Drops

Source: Instagram/@beatthemeattt

One of the best articles I seen for a while, on what the fashion system can learn from Supreme’s strategy of product drops. Shifting away from the traditional fashion cycle, this strategy generates excitement and encourages customers to constantly re-engage, creating a kind of consumer ritual. Small labels, up-and-coming brands, so on and so forth… may do no wrong in taking a leaf out of these guys…

The Rise of Indie Fast Fashion

A look from Genuine People | Source: Genuine People

Obviously not as simple as it sounds, but it goes to show, you’re pretty much there if you:

  1. Have a compelling brand story to tell
  2. Great looking niche product line
  3. Appropriate price points
  4. Genuine and Engaging experience with your followers on Social Media


Awesome Fashion Contest for the first time using Techpacker Technology.

Mr Saral Kochar, the CEO of Techpacker said that, “Our vision is to bring more opportunities to fashion students around the world. When we shared this vision with Mr. Alan Hau, he was super excited and straight away started working on the brief and implementation. We then started looking for like-minded visionaries and couldn’t think of anyone better then Arnault Castel, The CEO of Kapok to bring this vision to reality. “